Monday, November 10, 2008

Stack Overflow (Awesome)

I was listening to Hanselminutes the other day on the way home from work and Scott was talking to the guys behind Stack Overflow. I had never heard of Stack Overflow at that point but found the discussion really interesting. Essentially, Stack Overflow is a collaborative question and answer site for programmers. I headed over there and browsed around and found it fascinating. So I signed up (It's free, just create use your OpenID to sign in).

Well today, I really got to put it to the test. I worked up something in C# that I plan on using at the office. I created the UI form, got the easy stuff working in about an hour and then decided to move on to the real meat of the applciation. The first thing a need to do is read a list of names from text file. I haven't really done this before so I went to MSDN and found the StreamReader was what I needed to call on. So I did that and got a big fat error...

So, I checked my syntax and just started at the screen for a while feeling defeated by my lack of skillz.

Then the lightbulb went off and I posted my problem to Stack Overflow and in 2 minutes had my answer...2 MINUTES PEOPLE!!

Turns out it was pretty silly mistake on my part, buy hey, I'm new to this.

Awesome eh?

Thanks Kent!


Jim said...

Its a great place to learn and to help others and a great culture is forming where people aren't afraid to ask the newbie questions.

Welcome to the .NET framework btw - hope you enjoy your stay!

St00pidChicken said...

Sweet! BTW, how's the podcast client coming? said...

i like this