Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How did you learn C#?

I thought it would be appropriate for my second post to ask my readers “How did you learn C#?”

I’m taking a few approaches. I bought a subscription to as I saw some of the videos they produced on MSDN and thought they were really helpful.

I’m also one of those people that really doesn't learn how to do something until I really need to do it. In other words, I need a problem to solve first and foremost.

I have a problem and I’m working on a C# solution. I plan to talk about that more in an upcoming post.

I’ve looked at few books, but I’m not sure a book is the right way to go for me.

MSDN seems chock full of great stuff albeit sometimes hard to find.

In the meantime, how did you learn C#? I’m really curious to know.

Hopefully, the conversation I’m starting (this blog) will be another avenue for learning C#.

Thanks for reading!


dakk12 said...

I just fell in to it. Got moved onto a project at work in C#. Taught it to myself by playing with the little bits of code already there.
I had one intelligent coworker who helped me get into it, but he left shortly after. I then subscribed to a number of C# blogs, and consulted the api on the msdn site.
I got a couple books but for most advanced topics they'd be out of date a few months down the line. They aren't worth it since you can find just as good or better info online.

Find the blogs of MS devs who work on the C# language if you really want to stay up to date.

And the best way for me to learn is to use it. Once I started on C# I began a small personal project, nothing too daunting, just something to get comfortable with the language.

Jim said...

Thanks for the advice dakk12, it's appreciated.

I have a project I hope to post about in the next few days. I'm just trying to figure out the best manner in which to describe it.

Hopefully, you'll keep tuning in for more. Thanks again!